Web-based genealogy software program offers 15-day FREE trial for amateur and professional genealogists.

ourFamily•ology today announced that, in celebration of the official launch of its website, it is offering a 15-day free trial to all visitors. At the end of the 15-day trial, users can choose from three annual subscription levels based on storage space: $35 for 300 MB, $50 for 600 MB and $75 for 1000 MB.

ourFamily•ology is a one-of-a-kind, web-based genealogy software program that promises to help amateur and professional genealogists alike build a precise family history. ourFamily•ology's Web-Based Family Genealogy Program offers features no other genealogy program has ever offered – either as PC software or as an online Web-based application.

ourFamily•ology is the only family tree builder that offers a simple, visual progress and accuracy rating guide. For the first time, genealogists will easily gain a sense of ‘the big picture' of where they are and what they should work on next within their family tree. It also includes an optionally ever-present status chart, with a color-coded reliability and progress indicator to gauge the completeness of your family tree as well as provide a clear roadmap of what you should work on next – all at a single glance.

The Web-Based Family Genealogy Program from ourFamily•ology allows users to:

  • Work on your own or collaboratively with family members

  • Control access to your private tree with required individual passwords

  • Update genealogical details for the same person in multiple files with one click

  • Easily attach sources, photos, notes, etc. to multiple family members

  • Search genealogical information by birth, death, notes, or place

  • View/Print/Export 18 different Reports, Lists, and Charts

  • Receive warnings and reports for probable data issues

  • Ability to unlink as well as merge people with controls

  • Options to add multiple parents; marriage and child parent relationships

  • Add your own custom events and LDS Ordinances

  • Track the accuracy and completion of your family tree with ourFamily•ology's unique color-coded Progress Rating Chart

    "After spending years on my own family tree and using many different tools and programs, I knew there was a need for the functionality that we built into ourFamily•ology's program," said founder and president, Brandy Sacco. "I think genealogists will find that our program is not only fun and easy to use, but also the most robust family tree builder available."

    To learn more about ourFamily•ology and to subscribe for the free 15-day trial, visit http://www.Family-Genealogy.com.

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