Tribal Junction's Platform Fuses Social Networking, Genealogy and Family Communications

Tribal Junction has launched an innovative new Web site that branches out from the typical social networking capabilities and offers users an interactive platform for reconnecting with distant relatives. Family members can now sign up for free at and create a constantly evolving family tree, while also creating customizable profiles that include photos, family stories and more.

"Tribal Junction makes it easy and fun to create a family tree and find distant relatives," says Javier Colayco, President of Tribal Junction. "Tribal Junction's fusion of genealogy into a social platform sets it apart from existing social networking sites."

As Tribal Junction members invite relatives to join, more members can expand and add to the shared family tree. If a user's family tree contains a member who is already on another tree, the trees are automatically linked, which saves users time and duplicated effort in discovering their relatives.

"Tribal Junction's user-friendly search resources allow users to find long-lost family members and quickly get back in touch," Colayco said. "With enhanced communications tools, such as group e-mail and automated notifications, Tribal Junction is a great way for family members to keep in contact and stay connected for good."

In addition to its social network, Tribal Junction also provides articles on genealogy and family trees to give members more information on the study of ancestry. The articles describe various topics, including the history of genealogy, reasons people pursue genealogical ties and the different types of family trees.

For more information on Tribal Junction, a new social network that connects individuals through genealogy and family trees, visit

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