The Memory Project Road Show is at the New Canadian War Museum

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(Ottawa) - As part of Remembrance Week from November 2 to November 13, the Memory Project Road Show will make it's last stop at the new Canadian War Museum in Ottawa on November 5th.

Sponsored by the Ontario government, the project brings together youth, archivists, historians, and community members to meet veterans. The veterans are encouraged "to bring with them their artifacts and personal memobralia from their time in the service and it can include medals, letters, photos, etc," said a spokesperson for the project.

Over 85 years of history has been digitized and, if not possible at the show, a follow-up phone call will be made to the veteran from project headquarters in which the oral history interview will be conducted by phone.

"Each event has included local heritage groups as partners," added the spokesperson. The groups who set up booths interact with veterans and the general public.

Eight cities across Ontario have hosted the project (Toronto, Hamilton, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Windsor, London, Kingston, and now, Ottawa). The project has digitized nearly 300 histories. All histories will be online by March, 2006.

The website is <>. The project is an initiative of the Dominion Institute of Toronto. Their e-mail is <>.

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