The Genealogy Bookmaker Update Released

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Alpha To Omega is introducing a new updated version of The Genealogy Bookmaker software for genealogy enthusiasts.

The new Version 3.3.0 addresses the issue of incomplete or estimated dates, and now accepts "Abt" dates from today's most popular genealogy research software. It also has a new index format for Descendents and Non-Descendents, which makes it easier to find any individual in a family tree.

Alpha to Omega The Genealogy Bookmaker works with the GEDCOM file created by Family Tree MakerĀ®, Legacy, Roots Magic and others to easily create personalized genealogy books that make wonderful keepsakes for every member of the family. Additional books can be created each time a family member is added or new family branch is discovered.

"Version 3.3.0 is the result of suggestions we have received from industry leaders and genealogy researchers who use Alpha to Omega The Genealogy Bookmaker," said Ray Brandt, Alpha to Omega founder and developer of The Genealogy Bookmaker. "We are grateful for their feedback and are happy to use their suggestions to improve The Genealogy Bookmaker product."

Information about Alpha to Omega The Genealogy Bookmaker, Version 3.3.0 is available at The web site demonstrates how easy it is to turn genealogy research into a personalized book for each member of a family tree using Alpha To Omega The Genealogy Bookmaker software. It also offers a FREE downloadable "Tips" brochure to help genealogy researchers.

Alpha To Omega The Genealogy Bookmaker can be purchased and downloaded or ordered on disk at

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