Simmons Historical Publications Brings More than 765 Books To World Vital Records, Inc. Through Its Recent Partnership

PROVO, UT, December 3, 2007– Simmons Historical Publications has recently partnered with World Vital Records, Inc. to make more than 765 of its valuable genealogical books accessible online for the first time.

"I have personally transcribed nearly 600 of these books from this collection. These are books that normally one would have to travel to a courthouse to read a microfilm to view. Through this transcription work and our partnership with World Vital Records, we have made these records much easier to access and are excited to have them available online for the first time at World Vital Records," said Laura Willis, Co-owner, Simmons Historical Publications.

The Simmons Historical Publications collection contains valuable genealogical information such as vital records, census records, deeds, wills, newspaper abstracts, court records, tax lists, maps, and much more.

"The fun part of my job is finding data such as the Simmons Historical Publication collection where one can see how consistent extraction work performed over a number of years has resulted in a large, valuable database," said Yvette Arts, Director, Content Acquisition, World Vital Records, Inc. "Simmons Historical Publications' many years of discipline and hard work brings greater access to these records."

The first launch of the Simmons Historical Publications data will include a collection of more than 30 books containing records from Western Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

"I think this partnership is going to wonderful. It will be a great way to share some of our information in an online format," said Sherry Adams, Co-owner, Simmons Historical Publications.

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