to Provide Searchable Database of 1940 U.S. Census

As the 1940 U.S. Federal Census becomes available today after a 72-year privacy protection period, is now indexing the records to provide a searchable database along with the census images to both companies and individuals.

The census images are immediately available at, and the indexed database will be updated as different components of the data entry are completed beginning this week. The company has a 15-year track record of delivering a high level of completion and accuracy across many different censuses with a detailed quality control process to make sure records that have faded or have poor legibility are not skipped or misrecorded.

"The release of the largest and most comprehensive U.S. census publicly available to date has been highly anticipated," said Upal Rahman, president of IIMI (Intelligent Image Management Inc.), parent company of "The value comes in being able to quickly search the data with confidence in its quality and accuracy. Indexes from other census work from have been independently tested and determined to have among the highest quality ratings in the industry with an accuracy of 99 percent."

Individual users will have a number of options for accessing the data including free searches of basic fields. For advanced searches, subscriptions can be purchased for as little as 24 hours up to yearly subscriptions. will also support access from iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Rahman added, "With a cloud-based architecture, the most comprehensive indexing of the fields, smartphone support and multiple options for access, is providing a smooth user experience with fast and reliable access to the data." will also be licensing the indexed data, along with the images, to genealogy companies and other interested groups such as research organizations, educational institutions, social network sites and marketing companies. Genealogy companies can make it available to their users without building the database from scratch. Other organizations can make creative use of the data in research and social metrics. makes this possible by creating a searchable index of additional fields rather than just indexing the names and dates.


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