OUR BLACK ANCESTRY Celebrates Black History Month

We launched during Black History Month 2007 and here we are ... having witnessed in our lifetime one of the most astonishing events in American history - the election of an African American as president of the United States.

The news this month is our affiliation with Footnote.com. That means you can access their offerings and subscribe directly from the OBA website. This month, they are promoting a collection of African American materials generated in association with the National Archives (NARA). They also have a section called "Footnote Pages; where, without a subscription, you can load pages about people, places or things. It's a good way to show your research off and attract connections. There is a special offer on for a 7 day free trial, so now would be a good time to subscribe either for the monthly or annual package.

OBA has also added new recommendations for things to read, listen to, view and learn. You can purchase everything we recommend in the OBA Market, which is linked to Amazon.com. It costs nothing more to buy through OBA and the funds help us maintain our site.

The story this month is "Mama Rhody". It is a thoughtful piece about my great-great-grandmother, Rhoda Reeves Leslie. She was enslaved on a plantation in Lowndes County, AL; moved to Chicago in 1938 and passed away when I was three years old - at the age of 101. She is the one who inspired my interest in genealogy. It is my hope that she will inspire you too.

I should also tell you that I established an Our Black Ancestry page on Facebook. In between reloads of the main site, I will post periodic messages there. You are welcome to join us and contribute to the conversation.

Our heartfelt prayers this month go out to President Obama (and First Lady Michelle, Malia and Sasha), whom we must all gather around in a circle of respect and love so that he can lead us out of the morass of financial crisis and racial antipathy we are experiencing today.

Thank you for supporting OBA thus far.

Visit http://www.OurBlackAncestry.com soon and tell you friends!

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