New Biography Website Preserves Family History and Genealogy Through Reminiscing and Storytelling

Writing a personal biography and preserving your legacy has never been more fun or engaging, thanks to the new website Private journaling and sharing stories about family photos will leave every family the history they deserve.

As simple as it sounds, writing a life story is a tough accomplishment. It requires capturing a flood of memories, organizing lots of material, cross-referencing related stories, allowing friends and family to contribute, and controlling who can see each part of the story.

So, regardless of your busy schedule, is the biography software that helps you get it done, preventing writer's block and keeping your story moving forward. is simple, intuitive and inviting. It takes baby boomers and seniors back to times gone by, providing an elegant way to reminisce within privacy parameters that you set. makes it simple to write short, focused biography entries in order to document an entire life story, five minutes at a time. is also ideal for scrap booking and cataloging new memorabilia, from children's artwork to report cards, team photos, special programs and other treasured mementos that would otherwise never be seen until their importance had long been forgotten.

Whether crafting one's personal life story, or that of a friend or relative, makes it easy to organize, access and share a lifetime of experiences. Using, baby boomers and their loved ones can preserve a rich, detailed family history and genealogy.

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