National Archives to Open FBI Materials on the Lindbergh Kidnaping

College Park, MD... On Wednesday, September 15, 1999, the National Archives and Records Administration will release approximately 28,500 pages pertaining to the FBI investigation of the kidnaping of Charles Lindbergh's baby. The documents will be available in the Central Research Room at the National Archives College Park facility, located at 8601 Adelphi Road, beginning at 9A.M.

The documents are case files compiled at FBI headquarters during the investigation of the Lindbergh kidnaping, as well as the subsequent arrest, trial, and execution of Bruno Hauptmann. The materials which consist of letters, memoranda, telegrams, and press clippings are arranged chronologically in 143 sections. In addition to internal FBI correspondence and reports, there are exchanges with other U.S. Government agencies and with the general public. The majority of the records are from the 1930s, but there are documents dated as late as 1982. The records contain citizen inquires, various theories surrounding the circumstances received during the years following Hauptmann's execution, and government responses to these inquiries and theories.

Prior to its transfer to the National Archives, this material was available in the FOIA reading Room of the FBI, however certain parts which had been deleted are now included in this release. A 479 page report summarizing the 1932 kidnaping is currently available on the FBI web site at:

A research card is required for viewing the materials. Cards may be obtained from the Consultant's Office in Room 1000 at the College Park facility. Clean research room procedures apply.

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