MobileFamilyTree - Genealogy Research On Your iPhone And iPod Touch

Just in time for your next family reunion or summer road trip, Synium Software announces MobileFamilyTree - the brand-new mobile client application for MacFamilyTree 5. MobileFamilyTree is a full-fledged genealogy database application for the iPhone and iPod touch. You have access to most of the data fields you know from MacFamilyTree 5. Browse persons and families with ease, access the full depth of information.

MobileFamilyTree is the ideal companion for your Mac-based genealogy research and allows you to view, add and edit information wherever you are. Back at home, quickly synchronize everything with the MacFamilyTree database on your Mac. Over the air. No cables, no barriers.

MobileFamilyTree requires a fully licensed installation of MacFamilyTree 5.2.3 or any newer version of our popular Mac genealogy application.

Features in MobileFamilyTree 1.0:

* sync, view and edit multiple family trees on iPhone or iPod touch

* interactive lists for 'Persons' and 'Families'

* detailed information views with direct edit access

* add and edit multiple 'Partners', 'Children', 'Events' and 'Notes'

* direct Mac synchronization built in

Supported Languages:

MobileFamilyTree 1.0 is fully localized in US English and German.

System Requirements:

MobileFamilyTree requires an iPhone or iPod touch with iPhone OS 2.0. Mobile FamilyTree also depends on a fully licensed installation of MacFamilyTree 5.2.3 or later to run. Please visit our MacFamilyTree 5 product page on the Internet for more information:

Pricing and Availability:

MobileFamilyTree can be purchased for $4.99 USD, from the App Store on your iPhone or iPod touch, or from within iTunes on your Mac or PC.

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