It's Time for Genealogy In Time - A Free Online Genealogy Magazine

MissingLink Software Corporation announces the official launch of its new web site Genealogy In Time, a free online genealogy magazine containing genealogy news, articles and links.

"Genealogy is such a popular hobby, and yet there is a lack of good quality, free genealogy web sites that can help people learn how to find their ancestors." said Miles Whittingham, President of MissingLink Software Corporation. "Our objective with the free online genealogy magazine Genealogy In Time™ is to provide useful genealogy resources and original, thoughtful content to help people track down their ancestors."

Genealogy In Time continuously monitors thousands of news and genealogy sites worldwide and then summarizes the best genealogy news stories so people do not have to spend their time searching through the internet for the latest developments in genealogy. Genealogy In Time™ also presents original genealogy resource articles and provides links to the most recent genealogy records. "The genealogy marketplace has grown so large that it is time for a good quality, free online genealogy magazine" said Miles Whittingham. "We want to help people save time in the search for their ancestors and, best of all, everything is free."

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