Genealogy Today offers Reports for Online Research

Genealogy Today announced that it has begun offering a series of reports designed to help genealogists find the best online destinations for their specific surname research. Three new reports are available, each providing a greater number of selection criteria and resources.

The Surname Summary Reports, which are being offered free of charge, give a general overview of free and paid resources with the most information available on a specific surname, including published family trees and the following record types: census, birth, education, church, marriage, immigration, military, death and miscellaneous.

The two premium reports narrow down the results by geography (state/county) and time period. The Surname Research Report allows the customer to specify these criteria and receive a custom report prepared by one of our analysts, while the Ancestor Scout Report allows the customer to also specify the given name of an ancestor. In addition to the selection criteria, these two reports provide results from an even greater number of genealogical resources.

A new section of the Genealogy Today web site has been created for this new reporting service that includes descriptions of each report and access to the available Surname Summary Reports. When a free report for a particular surname is not available, visitors can make requests quickly and easily.

The introductory pricing is $14.00 for Surname Research Reports and $24.00 for Ancestor Scout Reports.

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