Genealogy Today Releases 20,000 Names on Independence Day

Genealogy Today ( announced that over twenty thousand additional names were added on July 4th to the Family Tree Connection database, a subscription service offering researchers access to unique family history information.

"Our data entry team worked exceptionally hard last month to transcribe all of these resources," explained Illya D'Addezio, owner of Genealogy Today. "This database project continues to see steady growth of information from unique groups like the horse thief detecting societies."

The names released today were transcribed from the following resources:

  • Rising Star Lodge No. 126, 1880 Roster
  • 1913 Seneca Lodge, No. 55 Roll of Members
  • 1919 Shattuck (OK) Telephone Directory
  • 1912 Roster Moolah Temple A.A.O.N.M.S.
  • Westfield Congregational Church Members (1715 - 1905)
  • 9th United Service Institution Annual Report (England)
  • Barrington (RI) Town 1911 Tax Book
  • 1919 Roster Zem Zem Temple A.A.O.N.M.S.
  • Warren (RI) Town 1905 Tax Book
  • Storer College (WV) 1909-1910 Catalogue
  • Norfolk and Bristol (MA) Horse Thief Detecting Society 1874 Members
  • Mass. Society for Detecting Horse Thieves 1880 Members
  • Goddard Council Princes of Jerusalem 1910 Roster
  • Hopewell (NJ) Pursuing and Detecting Society 1924 By-Laws
  • Brunswick (NY) Society for Apprehending Horse Thieves 1867 Members
  • Benona Lodge No. 289, F. & A. M. 1920 Roster
  • Smith College (MA) 1926 Commencement
  • North Carolina College of Agriculture and Eng. 1926 Commencement
  • 1926 Knox Lodge No. 446, I.O.O.F. Roster
  • New Haven Commandery Centennial 1825-1925

All of the data is carefully transcribed and each resource (including page number) is displayed along with the names to ensure that researchers can accurately record the source of the information. Subscribers (and non-subscribers as well) can efficiently filter the updates with a free service called Surname Tracker that sends an email whenever information matching their surnames is added.

Annual subscriptions offer unlimited access to the Family Tree Connection database, along with a 5% discount on all purchases in The Marketplace at Genealogy Today. The regular price for a one-year subscription is $29.95 with discounts for 24 and 36 month subscriptions. Visitors may sample the database risk-free by using the index search to see if there are any possible matches before they subscribe.

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