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Genes & Things, Inc., a Michigan corporation, is proud to announce the release of version 1.1 of its product GeneWeaver, a genealogy-based family health history computer software program. GeneWeaver was created by professional genealogists for use by genealogists, health care professionals, and anyone who is concerned about family health issues or who is unsure of how to go about creating a family health history and medical genogram.

Version 1.1 of GeneWeaver adds more functionality to the program, fixes the bugs encountered in the first release, and adds an additional, important report called the Individual Health History. This report allows users to print all of the information input on an individual, a useful tool for sharing with health care providers. Added functionality includes:

* Age at death is calculated during a GEDCOM import and is calculated automatically when a birth and death date are entered for an individual.

* Sources can now be added to each item documented for an individual. In version 1.0, sources were imported with the GEDCOM import, but they were not viewable. These sources are now viewable and editable.

* Users are now prompted to archive their databases when exiting the program.

* Program works under Windows XP, which was released after beta testing for version 1.0 had completed.

The American Medical Association recommends every family maintain a family health history. A family can learn much about its future by examining its past since genetic factors are known to underlie all aspects of health and disease. GeneWeaver can assist in providing health care workers with the background information they need to give individuals and families appropriate preventive health care, diagnosis, and medical treatment.

GeneWeaver, a Windows based program, has the ability to generate the following printable charts/tables:

* A medical genogram

* A medical pedigree chart

* An individual health history report (new in version 1.1)

* A blank four-page health questionnaire

* A bibliography of family health history and genetics publications

* A checklist of health information resources

GeneWeaver is easy to use and understand with a Web browser look and feel. The program allows the user to input family information using either a GEDCOM import or manual entry. The health wizard facilitates the entry of medical information into predetermined fields using a health history questionnaire. The user is able to select an illness from a modern medical terms list or find the meaning of an obscure term in the outdated medical terms list in Help. Multiple databases can be created. The 102-page GeneWeaver manual (hardcopy and included in online Help), written in everyday language, educates the user about the family health history concept and discusses how and where to find health and medical information. An extensive list of medical and health record sources is provided. Free technical support is available to registered users either online or through corporate offices.

The health history, medical pedigree, and/or medical genogram reports generated by using GeneWeaver can be invaluable during stressful emergencies when important information is easily forgotten, when sick patients are too ill to remember, and when family members are too overwhelmed or stressed to give accurate data. In addition, health information gathered into GeneWeaver can allow the user to take a proactive role in health care by following good preventive health care, watching for early warning signs of illness with regular monitoring tests, making informed life choices, and helping future generations take full advantage of new medical discoveries.

Genes & Things, Inc. was established in 1999 by well-known professional genealogists Norma Storrs Keating, RN, BSN, and Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CG, CGL.

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