Provides Free Access to FBI Case Files from Early 1900s

In Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the FBI, Opens Its FBI Collection Featuring over 2 Million Original Records

Espionage, bootlegging, war crimes, illegal aliens, and political wrongdoing.

While this may sound like the latest Hollywood blockbuster it's actually a review of some of the investigations the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has carried out over its 100 year history.

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the FBI, announced their entire collection of FBI Case Files will be freely accessible by the public through the end of August. The collection contains over two million records featuring some very surprising hidden stories.

A few examples include, J. Edgar Hoover opening an investigation into actor Charlie Chaplin for allegedly making a contribution of $100,000 for socialist propaganda. Baseball great Babe Ruth was investigated for draft dodging and newspaper mogul William Randolph Hurst was investigated for suspicion of funding the Mexican-American War.

The FBI Case Files date from 1908 to 1922 and feature cases involving espionage during WWI, investigations into German aliens who were politically suspect, reports of violations of prohibition and more. Serious, as well as far-fetched accounts provide a fresh insider's perspective to the history of this time period.

"Original documents are not only interesting but also provide a way to verify historical facts that may have been previously considered conspiracy theories," says Russ Wilding, CEO of "It's important to have records like these available so people can understand and appreciate our nation's history as well as the circumstances that lead to the actions taken.."

Through their partnership with the National Archives, has digitized and indexed over 41 million original records; the majority of which have never been seen on the Internet before. continues to add millions of new documents to the site every month.

With easy to use tools and a social component to the site, is changing the way people access and interact with history. "We're more than just an online repository of historical records," continues Wilding. "We're an outlet where people can go to add their own viewpoints on history and to share their own insights and discoveries." also enables people to upload their own shoeboxes of photos, letters and other documents - adding to the ever-changing face of history.

Visit today to view the FBI Case Files and the millions of additional historical records.

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