Named One of PC Magazine's Top Undiscovered Web Sites of 2007

Lindon, UT – August 30, 2007 – What may be considered an "undiscovered web site" may not be for long, having been named as one of PC Magazine's Top Web sites of 2007. This recognition comes on the heels of being named as Editor's Choice by the publication, receiving four-and-a-half out of five stars in that review.

"For genealogists, history buffs, and even the average passerby, Footnote is the quintessential Web-2.0 example of how to use your Web-browsing time wisely," according to PC Magazine. "You can find anything from handwritten notes from the Continental Congress to Project Blue Book UFO sightings.", a social networking site revolving around history and genealogy, features millions of images of original historical documents available on the internet for the first time. has partnered with the finest archives in the United States including the National Archives, FamilySearch (The LDS Church), and Allen County Public Library.

What makes different is the site's social networking component which enables members to showcase items from family shoeboxes including old photos, letters and documents. These artifacts from the past contain priceless stories that have too often been hidden in closets and basements. enables members to upload their treasures and create pages on the site that highlight their discoveries in addition to sharing their own insights on topics and history.

"Learning about history should be fun and engaging" says Roger Bell, President of, "When individuals come together to discuss shared interests, that's when real discovery occurs. You can't get that from just reading a text book."

Visit today and see why PC Magazine describes it as "the sort of stuff that turns people into historians."

About Footnote, Inc.

Footnote is a subscription-based website that features searchable original documents that provide users with an unaltered view of the events, places and people that shaped the American nation and the world. At all are invited to come to share, discuss, and collaborate on their discoveries with friends, family, and colleagues. For more information, visit

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