Exposes Government UFO Records announced that they have digitized the entire Project Bluebook, a collection of official records covering the United States Government's investigation of UFO phenomenon from 1947–1969. From Alaska to Florida, Project Bluebook features fascinating accounts of UFO sightings from every state. Now for the first time, the entire collection of case files is available on the internet at for free.

This collection provides a rarely seen view into a subject that has captured the attention and imagination of millions over the decades. Project Bluebook also allows users to determine for themselves if the UFO phenomenon is all a conspiracy theory, hallucinations or solid evidence supporting the fact that we are not alone in the universe.

"The collections on our site illustrate how is changing the way people access and interact with history," said Russell Wilding, CEO of "Through our social networking tools people from around the world can come together to discuss their findings and provide their own unique insights through annotations and creating their own web pages."

There is more evidence to consider, including accounts from around the country such as, "Definitely not a weather balloon," and "The university students were allegedly taken to the third moon of Jupiter in a saucer manned by good-looking seven-foot-tall giants." Who knows what new secrets will be exposed? Click here to learn more about Project Bluebook on Footnote.

In addition to free access to Project Blue Book records, offers a seven-day free trial to all of the original records that have been digitized and indexed from some of the largest archives in the United States, including the National Archives.

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