Digitizes Late 18th Century Newspaper, The Times (London)

LINDON, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE) today announced the release of original images from The Times (London from 1785 – 1820). These documents include details about prominent figures of that time such as King George and Napoleon Bonaparte.

"Each page in this collection is full of intriguing details about European life during late 18th and early 19th centuries," says Russell Wilding, CEO of "We are excited to see what people will discover and share from this fascinating collection."

In addition to details regarding prominent people, the newspapers provide interesting insight into everyday life in England at that time, including reports on crimes and trials, advertisements from local businesses, weather reports and announcements about local interests like the release of the newly published "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen. is a social networking site that allows users to do more than just find historical documents. enables people to interact with history by providing tools that help users showcase their discoveries and share their insights with others.

"These records can be found in other places, but what makes so different is the social networking component we offer," explains Wilding. "Social networking isn't just for young people on MySpace or Facebook anymore. People of all ages with different interests like history are now interacting with each other on the internet. has made it easy for anyone to come online and join in The History Revolution."

Visit to access free samples of these original documents and to see what Footnote members have contributed.

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