Adds Millions Of Historical Newspapers To Its Collection announced today a new partnership with SmallTownPapers, Inc. that will add millions of pages of historical newspapers to the site. With over 28 million images of original documents already on, the historical newspapers will prove to be a valuable addition, providing a unique view of our nation's history.

After using, SmallTownPapers President Paul Jeffko quickly realized the two companies had a natural synergy. "Our unique and exclusive small-town newspaper content is a boon for any researcher, and with providing high quality viewing, printing, and downloading, visitors are going to discover a new dimension and relevance to online history and genealogy research."

Unlike many of the major newspapers, small town newspapers give a glimpse into what day-to-day life was like for many Americans during that time. Visitors can browse articles of local news content, historic photos, and birth, marriage, and obituary announcements.

The image viewer on enables visitors to see images of the newspapers exactly as they were printed, dating back to the mid-19th century. "These newspapers can be found in other places, but what makes so different is the social networking component we offer," explains Russ Wilding, CEO of "Social networking isn't just for young people on MySpace or Facebook anymore. People of all ages with different interests, including history, are now interacting with each other on the internet. has created an engaging and fun experience with content like historical newspapers, that enables people to discuss their discoveries with others."

Visit to access free samples of these newspapers and to see what Footnote members have contributed.

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