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NEW YORK, NY -- October 23, 2008 -- New York City-based Familybuilder (, maker of Family Tree, the fastest-growing genealogy service on the Internet, returns from the Illinois State Genealogical Society with tales from the road: Technology is changing the future of genealogy.

The 40th annual conference of the Illinois State Genealogical Society (ISGS), which took place last Saturday in Elgin, IL, was its largest in history. Familybuilder is pleased to report that the popularity of online genealogy services and internet-based research resources is making it easier and more fun for families to retrace their heritage, build family trees, compile family histories and reconnect with cousins across the globe.

"We're the new kids on the block compared to the 40 great years the Illinois State Genealogical Society celebrates this year," said David Rheins, Chief Marketing Officer for Familybuilder. "We were thrilled to be welcomed into their conference with open arms and great interest in how Familybuilder is seeking to bring the art and science of genealogy into the 21st century. We all agree that families are re-connecting with each other online and using the Internet to conduct research more than they're visiting the dusty archives or local cemetery to build their family trees.

Familybuilder used the occasion to introduce its newest product, FamilybuilderDNA. "We are very excited by the reception we received for our highly affordable DNA test kit by the 250+ attendees of the conference. To date, using DNA testing for genealogy purposes has been cost prohibitive. Now, with our DNA test priced under $60.00, we're opening the doors of DNA-based genealogy research up for millions of people. Thank you for welcoming our family into yours, ISGS!"

By combining its social networking prowess with over 20 million family tree profiles built across its global network via Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Orkut and Hi5, and the lowest price point found anywhere, Familybuilder seeks to bring DNA testing to the masses – with younger generations leading the way.

Familybuilder offers both paternal (YDNA) and maternal (mtDNA) DNA tests. The YDNA test is a 17-marker test (as compared to FamilyTreeDNA's 12 markers) and its mtDNA test will analyze 420 base pairs of the HV1 region.

Familybuilder's $59.95 offering is the lowest available anywhere for YDNA and mtDNA DNA testing.

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