Family Odyssey - An Exciting PC Based Family History Game

Family Odyssey, LLC announces the pre-launch of its exciting PC based Family History game. The game incorporates a family's own family tree or heritage in to the game play to make the game more interesting to the player and to help family members become more interested in the historical context of their ancestors.

The game story is based on true events surrounding the exploration of a huge cave network in Mammoth Cave Kentucky. A professor named Phobias Timestill investigates the remains of ancient American inhabitants and discovers a way to travel to the past and be placed in historical moments with the player's family. The Professor tries to change some aspect of your family tree so that you don't exist and he consequently will inherit all of the player's worldly possessions. The objective of the game is to find out what has been changed in history and correct it, thus thwarting the evil objectives of the professor Timestill.

Over thirty historical events are analyzed and the characters in the game will be your own ancestors. Vital records, DNA research, newspaper articles and other typical genealogical documents will be used as part of the investigative processes to understand what might have been changed in history.

At the NGS conference Family Odyssey LLC is recruiting advisory panel participants to test the beta version of the product which is scheduled for release on September 1, 2010 in time for the holiday season.

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