Entrepreneur Introduces ArchivaLife(TM): A New Concept to Document Memorable Life Events for Future Generations

Everyone has an interesting life story. But not everyone has the ability to write a memoir. That's where ArchivaLife comes in. ArchivaLife(TM), the creation of San Diego entrepreneur, Bill Burch, provides a way for genealogists, memoir writers, scrapbook enthusiasts, seniors, parents and grandparents - anyone who wants to capture personal or family history for future generations - to record a life story.

ArchivaLife is unlike other products because of its unique, patent-pending timeline, and memory prompts which guide people to easily record their lives decade-by-decade - details often missed with scrapbooking, simple memory books, genealogy charts or photo albums alone. ArchivaLife's high-quality, attractive, leather textured keepsake books make perfect gifts.

Two editions are available online at http://www.ArchivaLife.com. The ArchivaLife(TM) Classic Edition includes a scrapbook and archival case, and retails for $125. ArchivaLife(TM) LifeLines Edition is lighter weight and retails for $49.95.

"I wish I had ArchivaLife before my mom passed away suddenly. I hear stories from my dad, but some of her life memories are lost. I would have loved to have helped her record her life experiences and share them with my children. So my dad and I are going to work on an ArchivaLife for him," says Raj Lahoti, Chief Guru at Online Guru Inc. "I work on the Internet all day, so I appreciate that ArchivaLife provides a hardcopy format and creates a process to write memories. There is something about the act of writing that evokes memories."

Bill Burch, the creator and CEO of ArchivaLife, was inspired to develop the product when attempting to recall a memory. While trying to remember this long-since forgotten fact, he thought he might recapture it by recalling a few related pieces of information from the same time. He jotted down details he knew, such as where he lived and worked, and what car he drove at the time, in order to build a context from that era. He found his notes began to take on a timeline format. Not only did he remember the forgotten fact, he created an organized synopsis of his life.

Burch was then encouraged to sit down with his mother and create her "lifelines" as well. "Completing this was some of the most cherished time we've spent together, laughing and talking about things we had never discussed before," says Burch. "It was then I realized the value of ArchivaLife for family projects and bonding. It's a great way to share memories and makes a lovely timepiece to display in any home."

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