Canadian Parliament Passes 1911 Census Bill

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"It is certainly a very happy day for all Canadians," explained Senator Lorna Milne (Liberal-Brampton) on the passing of Bill S-18, a bill to amend the Statistics Act to allow the release of historic census records, by the House of Commons on 28 June, 2005. It received Royal Assent on June 29, 2005.

In 1998, Statistics Canada raised concerns about the legality of the release of the historic census records. This led to 7 years of investigation, analysis, debate, and discussion over how to permit the use of historic records in Canada.

"It is absolutely wonderful. The historic census has finally been secured as a public historic record for the use of all Canadians, and I could not be happier," said Senator Milne.

It is expected that the 1911 census that was taken 94 years ago will be released in due time. It is my understanding that the Library and Archives of Canada is working as quickly as possible to put this online," added Senator Milne.

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