Completes U.S. Federal Census Collection

This week announced that it has completed digitizing and indexing the entire U.S. Federal Census from 1790 to 1930. is the only source where all publicly released census information can be found online. Prior to the completion of this project, these priceless pieces of American history were primarily found on microfilm at the National Archive and Records Administration (NARA) offices and select libraries across the country.

" has made a vast investment in technology, people, research and tools to bring online this national treasure and the amazing emotional connections that come with it," said Tim Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, "Through simple and easy-to-use search tools, virtually anyone with a computer and a connection can begin to explore and make amazing discoveries."

The U.S. Federal Census on provides a wide range of "snapshots" into the lives and lifestyles of ancestors. At the touch of a button a subscriber can access an individual's record, revealing occupation, age, race, marital status, relationship to head of household, place of birth, parents' place of birth, assets, native language, neighbors and street address.

"The thrill of being able to go online, and finding information in five minutes -- you can see what an incredible difference it makes," said Lou Szucs,'s chief genealogist. "There is something very magical when you find your family in the census. You want more and more. It's very addictive."

Over the course of the Census digitization project,'s team of experts spent 6.6 million hours of labor deciphering handwriting from 13 million original census documents and 21.9 billion keystrokes manually entering information into the database.

Access to the newly completed U.S. Federal Census collection, along with's full line of international and U.S. databases, can be purchased on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

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