Acadian Museum in Louisiana Flooded

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The Acadian Museum, in Erath, Louisiana, is just now seeing the flood waters of Hurricane Rita--which struck the southern coast on September 24th--recede. Besides the museum, 90% of the homes in the village of Erath have been flooded by the hurricane.

According to Warren Perrin, museum director, they are continuing to dehumidify the building, and hopefully, they won't have to tear walls to eradicate the mold. Tests are being done now on the mold, and the results will known next week.

"We lost approximately 2,000 objects, including files, photos, family histories, genealogies, and various structural items which were used to house, store and display museum artifacts. We were able to remove and are continuing to restore about 100 fragile items,"said Perrin.

He also says that "that many of the museum staff and supporters, all volunteers, have had many of their homes flooded so it has been difficult to get much physical support but the emotional support has been strong. In fact, we are still housing evacuees who had relocated to Lafayette from New Orleans as a result of the first hurricane, Katrinia, which had struck on August 29th.

The Acadian Museum is a non-profit organization and all contributions are fully tax deductible. The museum will re-open to once again explain how the Acadian in their 250+ year struggle to re-establish themselves in Louisiana after having been exiled from Nova Scotia.

Visit the to view pictures of the damage, To see how you can help, write to Acadian Museum, P.O. Box 53597, Lafayette, LA 70508 or contact the museum director, Warren Perrin, at .

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